Oriental Masters of Healing became so sophisticated in their practical understanding of Natural Law and the movement of energy that they discovered exact pathways of this energy flow in the human body. These pathways or meridians send information and energy to all the physical systems of the body. The Acupuncturist uses his knowledge of the pathways to assess disharmony in them and in the body systems they effect. Acupuncture methods of needling, cupping and moxibustion are used to work on the acupuncture_smmeridians to correct the disharmony. A fine sterile needle may be inserted in a specific acupuncture point to work on the flow. For example, if there is heat in the liver with toxicity causing skin problems, the needle may be inserted into a point on the liver channel that reduces heat. Only sterile disposable needles are used ensuring complete safety for client and practitioner. Acupuncture can be used to help healing for a large number of ailments (see our list of conditions that Chinese Medicine can help).

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