Elysium Sanctuary is the home to Anadi Ayurveda

Anadi Ayurveda is a comprehensive Ayurvedic program offering everything from consultations to treatments to Ayurvedic oils as well as workshops.

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Ayurveda is an art of daily living whose sole aim is to provide health and happiness, not only in body but heart and mind as well. Ayurveda is truly holistic as it addresses every aspect of the individual:physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. None of these aspects can be left out if we are to truly experience health. Ayurveda originated thousands of years ago from the Vedas, spiritual texts, which are the oldest written texts in human culture. Even though the Vedas are ancient, their wisdom is timeless and is easily applied to Western, modern life as the same principles exist today as they did then.



We offer Ayurvedic consultations at Elysium. A consultation with Rachel will give you a full introduction to Ayurveda and the foundation in which to incorporate Ayurveda as part of your lifestyle as well as to address any current health issues.

For full details of what a consultation involves please see Anadi’s website.




At Elysium, we offer a full range of Ayurvedic treatments starting with Massage Therapy. Benefits include removal of toxins from the body, improved sleep, reduces pain and rigidity in the joints, increases stability and calm in the body and mind.

For full listing of treatments and their benefits please Anadi’s website.

Ayurvedic Oils

We have in stock handmade Anadi Ayurvedic oils by Rachel which can be purchased either at Elysium (at both our locations) or online through the Anadi website.




Ayurveda Workshops

Rachel offers Ayurvedic workshops throughout the year at Elysium and is available to give Ayurvedic workshops from an Introduction to Ayurveda to Ayurveda and Yoga as well as Ayurveda for Women. Please see Anadi Ayurveda for full description of workshops.

Dates for workshops at Elysium will be updated on both our website and Facebook page.

“Dear Rachel,

Thank you for all the love and support I received through my pregnancy and into the early days of my son’s life. We are both blessed to have received such care. The oils, massages, advice and Ayurvedic diet were paramount to my healthy pregnancy and speedy recovery from birth, which benefited our whole family. Birthing a child is a sacred act. The care you showed helped me see that and experience it as such.

In love and friendship.”
~ Clare

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