Chinese Medicine


Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is one of the most complete and holistic healing arts on the planet today. Its written records go back 3000 years, with an oral tradition that has its origins in the mists of time. The most famous of its texts is called the Yellow Emperors Classic. Chinese Medicines conclusions about our relationship to life and therefore health and illness, are based on intuitive, but also empirical and objective observances of cause and effect over thousands of years. Chinese theory and practice due to its fluidity and adaptability has proven itself in the Western world. This fact bears witness to the universality of Ancient Chinese thought and what it has to offer us. The key areas of practice in Chinese Medicine are Acupuncture, Herbal medicine,diet, Tuina Massage, and Gi Gong.

chinese_medicine_ying_yangTaoism in Chinese Medicine

Chinese theory is rooted in the Taoist understanding of life. The key to its approach is the concept of Yin and Yang. This concept is based on the idea of all relationships being rooted in complementary opposites rather than conflicting opposites. Life is relationship therefore if Yin and Yang are in harmony, energy flows smoothly. This then results in perfect health, no deficiencies or weaknesses. A simple practical example is a client may have kidney yang deficiency which means the yang element of the kidney organ is low (yang relates to heart). Possible symptoms include cold legs, lower back aches, and frequent urination. The treatment would strengthen kidney yang to correct the yin yang relationship of the kidneys, which will strengthen the lower back, warm the limbs, and reduce urination.

chinese_medicine_herbsThe use of herbs in Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal therapy involves the use of healing herbs to harmonize imbalances from the inside out so it is very much an internal treatment. Therefore, application of Chinese Herbs requires a deep understanding from the practitioner so that the herbal recommendation involves a more streamlined individual approach. The Taoist theories of Yin and Yang and five elements apply to the plant realm as well as the human, so specific types of plants can be used to treat imbalance. The herbal preparations used at Elysium are of Chinese patent remedies that are rigorously quality controlled.

Conditions that benefit from Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine can help the following conditions: digestive problems, fatigue, low vitality, low mood, menstrual and/or fertility problems, respiratory ailments, poor circulation, headaches, migraines, skin problems, insomnia, arthritis, back pain, shoulder/neck pain, sciatica, constipation, and many other health problems.

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  1. Hi I was just wondering if you do and herbs to help with exema? My 9 month old just had his first flare ip and the stuff the hospital has given is not working.. I was told Chinese medicine has worked for two other people’s babies. Can you help me?


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