Jade Sun School


“The sunflower turns its face towards the sun, from morning to night and is the perfect symbol for the human soul’s intent to connect with its spiritual self”.

The School’s Invitation

The Jade Sun School teaches spiritual science.  It shows the human being the true path to healing.  It explains why we suffer and how to use the experience of suffering to grow and evolve.

It is the Jade Sun School’s intention to educate the person about what it means to be human, who we are, why we are here and what to do with our lives.  The truth the School serves is that the spiritual intelligence behind all of creation is now pushing to awaken itself in the human heart as the true human being.  Through the school’s training we become penetrated by this truth recognising it as our own heart knowing. This frees us from all sense of emptiness and aloneness and redeems the true dignity of the human being. A being of unconditional caring and forgiveness.jade_sun_school_mp

The School’s Method

The methodology involves the application of the teaching of the science of relationship.  We all experience life as being lived through relationship .The science of relationship says that all authentic spiritual growth is inherently dependent upon our conscious and awakened engagement of relationship.  Through the technique of conscious feeling we use the mirror of relationship to free our ego consciousness from egoism.  This will awaken in our being the capacity for pure logic.  Pure logic frees our thinking and our awareness from all conditioning and gives us the ability to consciously penetrate into the experience of our true unconditional selves. From our unconditional selves we then learn how to truly relate to ourselves and others and live in life.