Mandala Homes

“Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol, representing the Universe; a microcosm of the Universe.”

Mandala Homes was birthed from a friend’s request.  I have been creating mandalas for the Jade Sun courses for the last 8 years. Through an intuitive process, I select and arrange physical objects to represent and organize spiritual information to focus the intent of the course.  A friend asked me to do the same for her, but in the form of interior design for her home and Mandala Homes was the result.  This is not strictly an interior design service but rather a service which helps the client to first identify and own what is their own personal intent for the space and then how to best manifest that intent into the physical environment.  This is achieved through a series of consultations in which Rachel combines her intuitive abilities with practical design skills to help and encourage the client to unfold how to best use the space to become a personal mandala.

Our physical environment should be a reflection and reminder of who we truly are, but often times we design our spaces from a place of restriction.  Our issues often dictate our use of color, space, and design and thus reflect back to us our current personal issues when in fact our home should be a space that is encouraging, uplifting, and supportive to our personal and spiritual goals.  Rachel will work with the client to first empower the client to recognize what is most nourishing, healing, and effective for that person in terms of design and then provide practical solutions on how to achieve that through the use of color, fabrics, furniture layout, and object placement.  The intent of this service is to truly match the external to the client’s innermost Self therefore creating a living, breathing symbiosis between the client and their home as a healing space at all times.  A home which is an intimate and personal mandala for the client to remind them of who they truly are and who they are becoming through every fabric, color, chair and table.  A home that is transformative, healing and aesthetic.

Mandala Homes is not exclusive just to the home, it can be used in any context in which the client would like to match their intent to the physical material.  For example, I have also previously used these skills to help with web design, advertising materials, business cards, and therapy rooms.

Please contact Rachel for more information and design packages.


“Working with Mandala Homes has changed my relationship with my home. About 3 times a night I want to ring Rachel to thank her for my beautiful Home. She transformed my home, its warmth, its beauty, how I live in it and how I am in it. I am very grateful. Rachel’s eye for color, her passion, care and joy for this work translates into true beauty. Thank you Rachel.”
~ Sinead Cranwell