Phytobiophysics is a flower remedy therapy system based on the belief that the energy of plants can harmonize our systems and balance our spiritual, mental,emotional and physical disturbances. The therapeutic method was developed by Diana Mossop whose insight and research led to the development of the Phytobiophysics range of remedies. This method not only uses flower remedies to heal emotional states but also to help the healing of all types of illness. It applies the ancient wisdom of plant medicine to modern illness helping us to cope with the pollutant and toxic effects of modern lifestyle.


phytobiophysics_mossop_sm.jpgPhytobiophysics Flower Remedies

The flower remedies work by targeting and encouraging the body’s own innate healing ability. They are made from thousands of plant essences gathered from all over the planet. Advantages of this system is that the flower essences are completely harmless and non-addictive. Also they enhance the effect of other therapies and are safe for babies, young children and the elderly.

phytobiophysics_flower_formulas_smThe therapist chooses the appropriate remedies by consulting with the client and testing them energetically for compliance with the suggested remedies. The remedy itself comes in a tiny pillule form that is sucked until dissolved. They are convenient and easy to take.

Gary Collins has trained with Diana Mossop and has used this therapy in his practice since 2000.

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