Tai Chi


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Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan translates from Chinese as “the supreme ultimate”. It refers to an ancient form of mind, body, soul exercise that has its origins in the unique spiritual philosophy of Taoism. This philosophy is best summed up by the famous Yin/Yang symbol which represents harmony balance and perfect relationship. Tai Chi then is a practical application of this Taoist theory with benefits to the practitioner on all levels. Its the perfect antidote for the negative effects of modern lifestyle.

wk7-pic1The three areas of Tai Chi practice

Tai Chi has three main areas to its practice. One, it looks at Taoist thought and how it applies to our lives. It teaches us to heal mind, heart, and soul frictions that we all carry by showing us how to use feelings of disconnectedness to go to a deeper experience of “self” that connects us to to the flow of life from the inside out. Two, Tai Chi works the body and energetic systems to harmonize, strengthen and maximize their functions. Central to this understanding is the the concept of Chi or Qi, the life energy that flows through everything. Simply put, Tai Chi helps the “Qi” to be abundant and moving so that we enjoy health, happiness, and we have enough energy to apply to our life goals. Third, Tai Chi has a “martial aspect” that is we can use it to defend ourselves if necessary. However even here the emphasis is subtle, in reality it has more to do with seeking harmony and transforming destructive energies into their original Qi forms of love and compassion.


How we practice Tai Chi at Elysium Sanctuary

Tai Chi works through simple postural alignment and mind awareness techniques. Tai Chi promotes a deeper natural breathing which in turn leads to improved Qi flow to the internal organs. Sequential to this, a more relaxed nervous system is achieved, leading to an enhanced awareness and a profound feeling of well being. All this gives us a complete system of mind, body, and soul discipline. The method of Tai Chi taught at Elysium is rooted in the Yang Family Style of Tai Chi Chuan. This involves the practice of moving in and out of structured body positions in sequential coordinated patterns. The movement is slow and precise allowing dynamic internal application of the above Tai Chi principles.

The benefits of Tai Chiimg_2867

The benefits of Tai Chi are well documented, it not only helps heal but prevents illness and promotes longevity. It’s suitable for everybody regardless of age, gender, race, health status, or religion. Here are some conditions that are known to respond well, poor circulation, fatigue, stress, anxiety, concentration, low mood, poor immunity, weak digestion, menstrual difficulties, back, neck, bone, muscle problems, blood pressure and arthritis.

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4 thoughts on “Tai Chi

  1. I would love to do this , I have inflammation in my right lung ..know as Lung Sorcoidosis .. a friend of mine suggested I do this ..
    Look forward to hearing from you , cost ..duration


    1. Hi – thanks for getting in touch. Are you interested in weekly classes or in one of the Tai Chi School’s training courses?


    2. Hi Elizabeth, i was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis of the lungs in 2003 and as you know the only medical soution is high dose/long term steroids which i wasn’t happy about taking but had no other choice as i thought, until i looked into alternative solutions and Tai Chi kept coming up, in 2005 i joined Gary Collins Tai Chi class and found it to be so beneficial, within 18 months i was off all steroids for sarcoid my lung function improved from 65% to 83% my energy levels increased, i was sleeping so much better, overall my health is so much better from practicing Tai Chi/Qi gong. I would highly recommend you try this with either Gary or Neal as they are amazing teachers, very patient and also great fun in the class. You won’t be sorry you tried it, i can promise you.
      Àine O’Grady


      1. Thank you for this Aine. We are always grateful when people bear witness to the power of this work and it’s always heartening to know that what we teach can have such an impact when someone chooses to embrace it. Take care, Neal.


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