“I have been visiting Elysium Sanctuary for years, for treatments including acupuncture and healing. I have always benefited greatly from the knowledgeable, caring, professional treatment that I have received. I would highly recommend a visit.” ~ Mary Kelly

“I have received a variety of treatments from Elysium Sanctuary – Acupuncture, tai chi & qi gong classes, solar sound healing, Ayurveda and Toltec therapy – over the past 11 years. I am extremely grateful for all the treatments I received from Elysium as they helped to greatly improve my physical health as well as mental and emotional health. The quality of work is exemplary and offers deep healing from people who have an excellent understanding of their work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elysium Sanctuary to anyone who is looking for help, healing, nourishment and guidance.” ~ Justin Reddin

“Rachel Collins is a deeply intuitive, gentle yet strong teacher who has trained under John and Lucy Scott. Rachel’s vast knowledge and work as an Ayurvedic lifestyle therapist really compliments the Ashtanga style of yoga and Rachel delivers and shares both beautifully”. ~ Claire Carter

“Dear Rachel,
Thank you for all the love and support I received through my pregnancy and into the early days of my son’s life. We are both blessed to have received such care. The oils, massages, advice and Ayurvedic diet were paramount to my healthy pregnancy and speedy recovery from birth, which benefited our whole family. Birthing a child is a sacred act. The care you showed helped me see that and experience it as such. In love and friendship,” ~ Clare

“Working with Mandala Homes has changed my relationship with my home. About 3 times a night I want to ring Rachel to thank her for my beautiful Home. She transformed my home, its warmth, its beauty, how I live in it and how I am in it. I am very grateful. Rachel’s eye for color, her passion, care and joy for this work translates into true beauty.” ~ Sinead Cranwell

“Training with Gary Collins and the Jade Sun School has been a beautiful and challenging experience. It has helped me heal and also given me the tools to help me to heal myself. Gary and Rachel provide a space that is caring, safe and loving – not a cuddly fluffy love but a strong beautiful love that comes from knowing the truth of love within themselves, compassionate that cuts through the bull to help you to look at the real source of the problem – and that is when the healing happens. I have been graced with many beautiful energetic experiences during my training but the joy of the intimate engagement of working with another person to help each other is truly awesome. Thank you Gary and Rachel for your love support and friendship and for your unbending intent on the path to love.” ~ Sinead Cranwell

“I enrolled in the TaiChi class run by Neal in Knocklyon last October simply because someone said Tai Chi was “nice” particularly for older folk like myself!! From the start Neal was an amazing, calm, encouraging teacher. Apart from teaching us the “moves” so to speak he taught us why we were doing them and gradually I became aware of my inner self and how “chi” works. The combination of Tai Chi and Qigong was a real revelation to me and is making a real difference to my life. It’s not often I have come across a teacher as inspired as Neal who is passionate about what he does and yet modest at the same time. My sincere thanks to him.” Trisha Geaney