Yoga Classes


Yoga classes in Wexford

Vivaha Yoga Classes

Monday nights Guided Class 7 pm. This is a mixed level class which is based on the Primary Series. Please note this class is for both Rachel’s previous students who have an Ashtanga background and anyone in the Vivaha Yoga program that wants to experience a guided class. Some experience of Yoga is necessary to join.

Monday Nights Beginners Yoga

This class runs every September and January for 8 weeks and is designed to teach the student the fundamentals of Yoga as well the basis for a home practice. Upon completion of this class, one can join the guided class.


Wednesday Night’s – Self-practice class 6:30pm

This class is to support the Vivaha Yoga students to practice as a group while receiving individual attention, adjustments, and guidance. It allows you the space and time to practice your individual Yoga practice but still benefit from practicing in a group setting.


Private classes

Private classes are available to establish an individual Yoga practice and to learn the fundamentals of Yoga. You can avail of private classes as either part of the Vivaha Yoga program or to get started with a general Yoga practice. Private classes can be booked as a block of classes for those who want to join the Monday night class but have not taken the Beginners class.


Please see details of Kid’s Yoga classes here.

5 thoughts on “Yoga Classes

  1. Hi Rachel hope you and the family are keeping well. Angela Wall here, after having the baby (girl Alannah 18 months now) finished breastfeed and looking to get back to you on Monday nights from September. Just wondering if you have availability for an auld stiffy 😧.


    1. There is space in the guided class on Monday nights at 7 pm.
      There is also space in the beginners at 8:30 pm which starts the 25th.
      You are welcome to join either.
      Please let me know which class you prefer.
      Congratulations on your baby girl!


  2. Hi there,
    I’ve done some yoga in the past but nothing at all in a couple of years. I’d like to get back at it. I’m 8weeks pregnant though so wondering is it possible at all? Is there any classes you do that I could join on weekends or evenings?


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