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yoga_for_kids_12_sm_pNamaste Yoga for Kids are yoga classes based on the fact that children are, by their nature, light hearted, playful, inquisitive and are still connected to their inner light. Namaste Yoga for Kids salutes the inherent joy within children and gives them an opportunity to express that joy in a fun, creative way. Children these days are experiencing more and more levels of stress as they deal with a fast paced, media orientated society that is rapidly changing. Add the stress of school, homework, exams and budding peer relations and one can see why children, just as much as adults, need tools to handle stress. Yoga for Kids helps to reduce stress, anxiety and mood swings and gives children easy, practical tools to use at home and various other settings.


Benefits of Yoga for Kidsyoga_for_kids_3_sm_p

Yoga for Kids enhances coordination, concentration and an overall sense of calm. Yoga classes are based on cooperation, compassion, and acceptance which boost self-esteem and confidence. Classes emphasize the importance of fun and imagination in a non-competitive atmosphere. The Yoga Journal has listed the following as additional benefits of yoga for kids: balance, stability, correct posture, increased focus, flexibility and strength. They also list positive thinking, creativity, courage, and an overall increase in energy and well being as benefits. Yoga for Kids also encourages freedom of expression and acceptance of differences which teaches children tolerance for themselves and others.



About our Yoga for Kids Classes

Namaste Yoga for Kids classes include movement, breathing, storytelling, dance, drama, games, partner yoga routines and basic yoga postures. Classes are open from 3 years upwards and can be tailored to meet any age or group requirement.

Rachel Collins completed Yoga for Kids and Families Teacher Training Course with Rainbow Kids Yoga.


4 thoughts on “Yoga for Kids

  1. hi, i am just wandering about yoga/ meditation for my 12 year old niece who suffers from really bad anxiety which we are trying to help her control. Do you do any classes that might suit this? or could you point us in the right direction? myself and her mum are willing to do it with her too, we live in rosslare, wexford.
    Thank you


    1. Hi Sam,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      I could offer you family yoga sessions.

      These would be suited to working with her needs and still incorporating basic yoga poses. I could design the classes to help reduce anxiety and these routines could be practiced at home too.

      We could do either a 3 or 4 week block of classes.

      Please give me a ring or text at 0879233164 if you would like to discuss in more detail.




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