What does Vivaha Yoga mean?


Vivaha means Marriage. The intent is to marry the Vedic wisdom of Ayurveda to the profound practices of Yoga. Through this marriage we gain a more intimate understanding of the sacred purpose of the body.

Too often, Ayurveda and Yoga are described as “sister sciences”, however their relationship is much more intimate and is so intrinsically linked that one should not be used without the other. Vivaha Yoga’s goal is to reestablish Ayurveda’s place as Yoga’s perfect partner and reunite its wisdom with the philosophy of Yoga.


Rachel Collins

Why Vivaha Yoga was founded?

Vivaha Yoga was developed by Rachel Collins based on her 11 years of teaching yoga and 8 years as an Ayurvedic therapist. Through the combined experience of teaching Yoga and her ongoing work and training in Ayurveda, she became acutely aware that asana practice alone is not fully therapeutic. After seeing Yoga students in an Ayurvedic context for nearly 3 years, Rachel noticed that the majority of the students were showing symptoms of high Vata. In her own teaching experience, she noticed that intense asana practices were amplifying the Vata symptoms. Rachel also noticed that often times the assumption is made that an asana practice will “cure all” and is emphasized by various types of Yoga. When in fact, Yoga has no medical background or medical texts outlining how to treat the body. It is only Ayurveda which gives guidelines on how to diagnosis and treat imbalance in the body. This is why Ayurveda is needed because it is Yoga’s medical system. As Rachel continued to notice the gap in terms of Ayurvedic self-care in the Yoga community through her consultation and teaching work, it led her to create an Ayurvedic Yoga program which addresses both body and mind in a fully therapeutic and holistic manner.

What does Vivaha Yoga include?

Vivaha Yoga includes a complete wrap around package for the individual so you can include the foundation of Ayurveda in your Yoga practice. No matter where your practice is at, Ayurveda will give you the stability and clear references to engage it in a more profoundly healing way.

This program includes an individual consultation with pulse diagnosis. This consultation allows an intimate and precise understanding of what is happening currently with the student, including Agni and the balance of the three doshas. Based on the information of the consultation a yoga practice is then created to support that individual. The yoga practice created will take into consideration the condition of the student’s Vata dosha and his or her Agni and therefore the practice will be designed accordingly to not further disturb Vata dosha but instead calm Vata dosha. Pranayama and meditation will also be included, with specific advice on both.

Vivaha Yoga also includes these services:

  • Consultation with both Rachel Collins
  • Ayurvedic oils for Self-Massage
  • Ayurvedic treatments
  • Yoga self-practice classes to support your recommended Practice
  • Private classes for beginners to start a Vivaha Yoga practice or for those who need further support in their self-practice.
  • Ongoing support for daily routine, food and cooking, and Ayurvedic practices through consultations and workshops.


Please see details of available Yoga Classes here.

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